Gimme Some Shroom Room

A few years back, I was receiving constant visions of futuristic homes. The most fascinating future dwelling was actually alive. No, I was not using mycelium or other mind altering substances).   I wondered what the living walls were made of.  They were light, clean and warm.  Could it be I was in a MushRoom?

Thanks to these and other innovative designers and builders, I have more musings to keep my design passions growing. I really like everything I’ve discovered about fungi through Fungi Perfecti.  There seems to be limitless uses for these habitat messengers. Will we ever discover them all? Keep in tune with me for more information on mushroom homes, and check out the potentials at Ecovative Design.mush room

About Elizabeth Diane

Elizabeth Diane is the owner of Lucid 9 Design, Inc., a residential building design firm in Olympia, Washington USA, and An accomplished pianist and sand sculptor, with a passion for Sacred Geometry and quantum physics, her fascination with patterns and vibration, led her to incorporate the harmonic proportions of sacred geometry into her building designs. She can be reached at

3 Responses to Gimme Some Shroom Room

  1. Miguel Antonio Moya says:

    YAY so glad you have a blog. I’m going to start one really soon toO!!
    p.s. I had this same exact series of dreams a few years ago.

  2. Leaking WC says:

    Hi, I do agree your ideasyou’ve present on this post. Toilet issues are always nasty but you have to do, also the repair payment is not cheap. Do you have any other posts about how to install a toilet. Like this one:

    • Elizabeth Diane says:

      Perhaps I will write about composting and incinerator toilets. They save a ton of water, and are much better than flushing people’s pharmaceutical body waste into lakes, streams and oceans. Thank you for your question!