Growing Green Architecture

One of my all-time favorite community projects has been with Garden Raised Bounty in Olympia, WA.  Apparently Oprah likes GRuB, too!  O Magazine mentions them as a great way to get involved in community and healthy, high-quality food for all, here.  I liked the way the administrative team took into account every aspect of green building, community and social responsibility.  I wrote about it in 2007 for a publication of the Green Pages.  Here’s the article.


About Elizabeth Diane

Elizabeth Diane is the owner of Lucid 9 Design, Inc., a residential building design firm in Olympia, Washington USA, and An accomplished pianist and sand sculptor, with a passion for Sacred Geometry and quantum physics, her fascination with patterns and vibration, led her to incorporate the harmonic proportions of sacred geometry into her building designs. She can be reached at

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