Graphic Art

Inspired graphics can help your visions shine with clarity and purpose.

  • Inspirational Graphic Art
  • Logos and Branding
  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Fliers
  • Concept Ads
  • Website and Social Media Headers
  • CD Covers
  • More

Website Design

Dynamic WordPress websites with SEO for small businesses and individuals that can get your offerings noticed.  “Responsive” themes are utilized for great formatting on portable devices, too.


Building Design, Home Plans and Remodels

Designs with integrity, ingenuity and intuitiveness.

  • Custom Green Home Plans
  • Remodel Design
  • Conceptual Design to Construction Documents for Building and Permitting
  • Small Commercial Remodel
  • Sacred Sites, Temples, Healing Spaces

Sand Sculpting

Solo, Duo or Team projects, lessons for all ages, on the beach or in the city, for your event or business. Concepts and our designs sculpted into temporary works of art. The possibilities are beyond imagination!