The Mirror in My Work

I am just wrapping up another website and reflecting on the synchronicities that flowed through it.  I was literally “right there” next to her when she said, “Now I just need to find someone to build my website.”  She needed it fast, and thanks to WordPress, I could turn it around quickly.  The work began on Winter Solstice, shortest 3 days of the year and a time of self reflection for me.  Her name is Asil.  I’ve always been known by my nickname, Lisa.  Asil is Lisa spelled backwards.  Yes, self reflection. Lisa Mirror

Asil’s work is transformative.  She is an apprentice of a psychologist I have read and been inspired by.  Her work requires a willingness to look at your shadows. As winter days got shorter and colder, and as I faced a few more challenges in my life, I found myself wanting to push away the thought of shadows.  It took me a few days to realize my reaction to “shadow work” was almost defensive in my mind, which brought me to the awareness that I had a choice.  So I quit resisting myself.  I became present with whatever was happening in my life and became the witness of my thoughts again.  I realize this was not the deeper, intensive work that Asil offers, but having had similar tools to work with, I could at least use them.  It is the energy of resistance that perpetuates what I do not want and resist.  I found again that the shadow was my allay in getting me to be at peace with all that is.  And in the dark solstice days, I found the fertile soil for planting seeds of what I wish to grow.

My days began to feel better, getting through Christmas with more joy and an open heart to those around me.  Without resistance, I picked up the website where I’d left off before the holiday.  Everything flowed with much more ease.  As I sat with Asil to make a few corrections and adjustments, something very strange happened that I have never seen before.  I typed her name in a header, but it disappeared, I thought to the right off the page.  I left justified. It came back, only backward!  All the text was mirrored and “Asil” now read “Lisa”.  As I said, her work is transformative, and you can find out more on her new website:

About Elizabeth Diane

Elizabeth Diane is the owner of Lucid 9 Design, Inc., a residential building design firm in Olympia, Washington USA, and An accomplished pianist and sand sculptor, with a passion for Sacred Geometry and quantum physics, her fascination with patterns and vibration, led her to incorporate the harmonic proportions of sacred geometry into her building designs. She can be reached at

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