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New Business or Project Considerations:

These are questions that can help you define the scope of work your business may need to help reach your customers and to present your business in an impactful, memorable way. Let’s talk about any of these that apply to you.

  1. Do you have a logo?
  2. Do you need to update an existing logo?
  3. Do you have a tag line?
  4. Have you established your branding?
  5. Do you want to update your branding?
  6. Do you have a website?
  7. If yes, does it function well?  Do you want to update it?
  8. What is your primary way of connecting with your current customers/clients?
  9. What is your primary way of reaching new customers/clients?
  10. Who is your target market?
  11. How do you retain your customers?
  12. What is your budget for website and graphics?
  13. Any specific images or websites that are inspiring you?
  14. How would you describe your business style and message?
  15. What is your business mission, vision and values?

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