A New Evolution on Hempcrete and Lime

There is a new way to build with ancient building materials: a combination of hemp, lime and pozzolans.

Hemp-lime, a.k.a. Hempcrete

Hemp-lime is now HEMP-LIME (HEMPCRETE) CONSTRUCTION  accepted in the IRC (International Residential Code). Sometimes called hempcrete, the name is a bit of a misnomer because the name does not indicate if cement, lime, or a combination is used as a binder. Hemp-lime is a biocomposite material, consisting hemp hurds – the woody inner particle of hemp stem – mixed with lime-based binder and a small amount of water.

Lime binders can include different additives. These variations in additives will produce a range of density and insulative values, with different thermal properties. The lighter the mix, the more energy efficient. Thicker walls add thermal mass, strength and insulation.

Benefits of Hemp-lime (Hempcrete):

  • Very natural and organic walls
  • Good for floor insulation and ceilings
  • Very low embodied energy
  • High R-value insulation
  • Relatively low impact to the earth obtaining materials
  • Highly mold, insect, pest and fire resistant
  • Moderates interior humidity beautifully
  • Non-toxic and alkaline air quality
  • Significant EMF reduction
  • Can be formed for domes and curves
  • Super sustainable and regenerative

Hemp-lime Community

Lucid 9 Design is teaming up with John Hutton, founder of Next Genesis Design, for details and consultation on most hemp-lime projects. Together with other hemp-lime and natural home building experts, Lucid 9 Design is offering custom design services and project management assistance. Education and workshops are also available.


Photo Credits: Elizabeth Diane and Casey House

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